IHavetoF.Art and Other .Art Domain Names That Could Be Yours!

Help take over the internet's new art world real estate.
January 30, 2017, 5:00pm
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new website domain is poised to join .sex, .beer, and .ninja as a belle of the internet ball for quirky places to station a web presence. On February 8, sites ending in .art will become selectively available. Certain museums, galleries, arts organizations, and media have been securing their names on .art since November, but next month .art opens to the wider art world. This presents a golden opportunity: the creation of the website "f.art."


The inevitable march toward "f.art" started with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which doles out the right to manage "top level domains" like .gop, .sucks, and .click. The group awarded this power to UK Creative Ideas Limited (UKCI), an entity founded by Russian venture capitalist Ulvi Kasimov with seemingly no other purpose than owning the domain. ICANN selected UKCI over two organizations with deep roots in creative communties, e-flux and DeviantArt, the only non-commercial entities willing and able to pay the $185,000 application fee.

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The slow rollout of .art has given time for certain arts groups to seize their domains. The Guggenheim, LACMA, and the Centre Pompidou have all staked their claims, as well as the estates of Francis Bacon and Rene Magritte, galleries like Hauster and Wirth, organizations like The Marina Abramovic Institute and the Bolshoi Theaters, plus a handful of artists including Steve Miller and Shen Wei. Next month, any not-for-profit, museum, gallery, artist, or established member of the art world will be able to apply for their own .art real estate.

This is where artists come in: While the organizations with the closest connections to artists were denied dominion over the .art domain, on February 8, they can take it back. One thing you can do is apply for [yourname].art. Another thing you can do is seize the genres: painting.art, sculpture.art, land.art, etc. Finally, grab all the best terrible, punderful, pop cultural, and powerful domains .art has to offer, including f.art. Below, we've gathered a few more options for your consideration:

+ ihavetof.art

+ surfbo.art


+ bad.art

Oddly Satisfying

+ popt.art

+ offthech.art

+ privatep.art

+ mariok.art

+ walm.art


+ cuisin.art


+ paulbl.art

+ bodyp.art

+ sweethe.art

+ blackhe.art

Roger von Biersborn

+ oxhe.art

+ upst.art

+ ihavenohe.art

+ youarenotsm.art

+ gok.art

+ w.art

+ flowch.art

College Humor

+ bragg.art

+ rest.art

+ wet.fart

+ sh.art

Jason Clarke

The .art domain becomes available to selected members of the art world on February 8, and will be completely open to the public in May. Tweet your ideas for shitty .art domains to us, @CreatorsProject, and learn more about the .art domain at art.art.


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