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100 Days of Fascinating Black, White, and Bloody GIF Art

Min Liu's tricolored cel animations range from the disturbing to the enrapturing.
Images courtesy the artist

Bloody Dairy is a series of 100 clever, mesmerizing, and occasionally fucked up GIFs by Taiwanese animator Min Liu, now based in New York. To sharpen her skill as a music video and ad animator, Liu embarked on a 100-day Instagram challenge to make a GIF every 24 hours. She further limited herself by using only the colors white, black, and red, á la The White Stripes.

Her process involves shooting reference footage, then hand-drawing frames in Photoshop before compositing the sequence in After Effects.Each morning she scrambled to turn observations jotted in her sketchbook into perfectly looping cel animations. "After I finished a longterm project last year, I decided to take a break from work for awhile and do what I really love," she explains to The Creators Project. "I just wanted to push my insanity and see how far I could go."


The ideas her mind fixated on ranged from ripped up human faces and decapitated cats to unnatural eyes transplanted onto objects and body parts. Liu balances the uncanny images with soothing GIFs like a boiling espresso pot, chopsticks gripping sushi, and a smoker taking a drag. Check out those sights and more below.

Follow Min Liu's work on her website.


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