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There's a Stained Glass Amoeba Floating Through the Forest

Science and magic collide in Thomas Medicus' stunning new glasswork.
Photos by Philipp Medicus, courtesy the artist

An ethereal stained glass sculpture blends science and mysticism in Amoeba, a new work by Austrian visual trickster and artist Thomas Medicus. The titular single-cell organism rendered in larger-than-life blue, orange, and yellow glass appears to be floating in a fairy tale forest. A series of photos demonstrate Medicus' craftsmanship, but they also imagine a world where massive wads of protoplasm can fly around in the air, presumably devouring fairies, sprites, and other non-scientifically verified creatures.


Medicus works professionally with stained glass, but makes installations, illustrations, and lovely anamorphic glass sculptures for his personal art practice. He created the floating effect in Amoeba by mounting the sculpture on a stand, which he erased in post production. Check out his work in the video and images below:

See more of Medicus' work on his website.


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