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Suspended Liquids Become Cosmic Landscapes in Susie Sie's New Video

'ECHOES' looks like the surface of Neptune—no VFX necessary.
Images courtesy the artist

ECHOES from Susi Sie on Vimeo.

Armed with little more than a Canon 5D and a 100mm macro lens, Berlin-based director Susi Sie is back with another video ode to the majestic beauty of fluids up close. Known as ECHOES, the video features nearly three minutes of morphing, milky motion that looks as earthen and organic as it does like the surface of a gas giant.

When we last left off, Sie was hard at work creating inky black-and-white liquid landscapes and turning the music of Glitch Mob into stunning cymatic visuals. She's up to her old tricks again this time around, setting slow-moving pearly liquids swirling to the ambient sonic textures of German composer Clemens Haas. Ethereal and otherworldly, the results are especially sublime when taking into account Sie's explanation: "All scenes were filmed and have been edited with no additional computer effects." Simple as that.


Watch the video above, and below, check out stills from ECHOES:

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