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A River Runs Through These Marble & Resin Tables

Must. Have.
Images courtesy the artist

A table can pack the beauty of a pristine waterfront beach house—that is, if it's made by Caribbean-based designer Alexandre Chapelin. His marble and resin furniture is sculptural in nature, as evidenced by the stunning new offerings he's just added to his ongoing Lagoon table series. By combining the sandy rock with a gradient of deep blue resins, he echoes the deepening azure of the ocean itself.


No two of Chapelin's creations will ever look the same. "I refuse to make a manufactured product," he tells The Creators Prpject. "Each model is unique, and I cannot produce two identical tables, so neither will two people own the same table of my creation. I've always respected the difference between people, their personalities and characters, and I believe this should reflect in the interior design of their own homes. Therefore our concept is for no two people to ever own the same table."

His latest work is Lagoon 55, a series of two coffee tables that look like an exotic Caribbean coastline meeting an aquifer, or underwater cave system. You can order your own bespoke version of the tables, created exactly to the measurements that make sense for your home, [on his website](http://

See more of Alexandre Chapelin's work [here](http://

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