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Explore The Garden of Eden Like You Have Never Seen It Before

Jonathan Monaghan's new series is a subtle critique about our material desire.
Images courtesy the artist

NYC-based new media artist Jonathan Monaghan takes over a room in LaTurbo Avedon's online gallery, Panther Modern. The site-specific internet installation merges SciFi elements and near future architectures with organic elements to revisit the biblical passage of The Garden of Eden.

“You'll see the tempting serpent and these two sculptural works referencing Adam and Eve,” Monaghan tells The Creators Project. “There is a slickness to the way everything is presented, and I was thinking about material desire. Everything is artificial, plastic and commercial, so a kind of backwards take on the natural paradise of Eden.”


He says, "I conceived of the space as a kind of potentially real space, so the large architectural dome and kitchen appliances are "real world" scale,“ he adds while coming up with a composition that is strongly marked by his one-of-a-kind aesthetic signature.

Exploring and questioning the materialism of the human species and its dependence on technology, these living-mechanical sculptures are created by deconstructing and distorting kitchen appliances. “About half of my work consists of utilizing these pre-existing virtual models, based on real-world consumer items. The other half of my work is modeling imagery from scratch, which is what I did with the architectural elements. The dome and facades come from gilded age New York luxury apartments,” he concludes.

The installation will be on view starting today. Head to Panther Modern to take a tour through Monaghan’s singular installation.

See more of Jonathan Monaghan’s works on his website.

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