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Experience The Magic Of Iceland Through This Multi-Sensory Book

Even as a book, the Nordic nation exists beyond the page.

Long known for its breathtaking vistas, Iceland offers an experience too rich for just one of the five senses. Whereas other literary depictions of the Nordic expanse might only focus on pretty pictures, Hvísl - Whispers of Iceland is a visual and auditory journey. Pages aren’t turned so much as they’re triggered.

A colorful arrangement of electronic sensors spark snippets of Icelandic sounds provided by artist Johannes Mandorfer. Anything from the sound of surging waves to a haunting religious hymn can take over the reader’s attention as they cycle through the design and photography work of Bertrand Lanthiez and Chloé Curé. (Also providing her services was Susana Sánchez). A majority of the photographs depict the typical geographical backdrops for which the country has become known for, including erupting geysers.


There’s some reading to be had…

…but Hvísl is clearly a sensory revelation first and foremost. In a way, it functions like a portable museum installation that hasn’t forget its craft roots.

Catch a preview of the Icelandic experience down below.

Hvísl - Whispers of Iceland from Bertrand Lanthiez on Vimeo.