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‘Alienated’ Series Depicts The Pixelated Apocalypse

These illustrations will haunt your dystopian dreams.
April 12, 2014, 3:00pm

The exact cause is uncertain, but Atelier Olschinsky’s Alienated illustrations make it clear that the world is about to end. Maybe it's an invasion, but the overtakers are either so large or so small we can't tell what they are. Neighborhoods drown in a murky flood or slowly disintegrate into dust. Some urbanscapes look crushed in a feral hand. Another city swallows itself.

Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss, the duo behind Atelier Olschinsky, are magazine makers and graphic designers, typographers and photographers. They are also practiced digital city builders. They constructed a pink-washed Pixel City and architected Mega Structure, a metropolis that appears to be made of matrices. We’ve drooled over their kaleidoscopic series City Transformer before.


Now they’re tearing apart one of those carefully composed cities, and the result is a series of mysterious, detailed depictions of chaos. Look closely and you can imagine an endless variety of scenarios, from squid attack to a giant Icarus-woman descending. We don't know how the world will end, but in the mind's of these creatives it's going to be a spectacular show.

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