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Best Of The Rest: Celebrity Candy Mosaics, Cliffhorse, And A Salute To The World Cup (From Space!)

All the creativity we missed this week, wrapped up into one epic blog post.
June 13, 2014, 10:00pm

Shaun Kardinal - Flying Formation, 2014 via

This week, The Creators Project explored the [futuristic technologies being used at the 2014 FIFA World Cup](http://8 Tech Triumphs At The 2014 World Cup) (which kicked off yesterday), went behind-the-scenes of Pauline van Dongen's Solar-Powered Fashion Designs, premiered the first "ever-changing" music video, and danced our pants off in Machina's MIDI jacket. For every other cool thing that happened this week, here's the best of the rest…


This week we….

Employed an owl to make digital illustrations.

…Marveled at Loren Stump's sliced glass icon paintings.

…Tried to count the gummy bears in Jason Mecier's celebrity candy mosaics.

…Saluted the 2014 FIFA World Cup with a (friendly) grudge match aboard the International Space Station.

…Played a few riveting rounds of Minecraft creator Notch's new game, Cliffhorse.

…And got lost in Katherine Roberts-Wood's  undulating sleeves.

What else did we miss? Please share other cool creativity in our comments section below. See you next week!


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