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[Music Video] This CGI Circle Pit Puts Real-Life Moshing to Shame

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Controlling a massive crowd with your voice and dance moves is the frontman's goal/superpower, and De Staat founder, Torre Florim lives that dream on what looks like a nightmarish prison planet in the new music video for "Witch Doctor." The Dutch band teamed up with Studio Smack to create the lo-fi CGI horde Florim commands, which slowly becomes the cranked-to-11 circle pit of every Northern European rock band's dreams. Sure, his audience isn't real, but the human tornado whipping around him is brutal as hell.


You can check out the making-of video to see how Studio Smack used wearable sensors and few other movie magic tricks to produce that crowd, and listen to the rest of I_CON (2013), the album "Witch Doctor" is from, here.


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