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What's in a Light-Up Clutch?

A look inside the sound-activated LED purses of Kotur.
Merrick Perspex & Sound Activated Diamond. All photos courtesy of Kotur

Clutches: those staple accessories that very rarely get any real upgrades. After all, there’s not a whole lot to improve upon when it comes to tiny plastic boxes that are meant solely to transport all of your girl’s night out necessities (if they can even manage to hold that much). But, of course, leave it to minaudiere makers extraordinaire, Kotur, to riff off of this traditional club kid staple and create something that’s so much more.


In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Kotur has created a new line of noise-activated and light-up LED bags that are as gorgeous as they are technologically advanced. The clutches feature casino-themed designs that boldly underscore the wearer’s status as a certified “VIP” or simply invoke the patron saint of slot machines, emblazoned with the name “Lady Luck.” And for those looking to make an even more explicit statement as to where their interests lie, there’s a simple dollar sign motif that illuminates to let everyone know that old Wu-Tang aphorism still rings true, cash does in fact rule everything around you.

Half of the anniversary collection features marquee-esque LED lights that will allow you to perfectly blend in on the Las Vegas strip, while the other half features bags that come to life when exposed to sound making them the ideal accompaniment to an evening of riotous clubbing.

“Our clutches love to go out and to be seen,” the brand’s designer, Fiona Kotur said of her new capsule collection, “they are outspoken and fanciful, and never wallflowers,” just like the people who carry them. Thanks to the smart way in which Fiona chose to integrate electrical components into these classic silhouettes, Kotur is bringing a highbrow sartorial savviness to the intersection of tech and design. These anniversary edition clutches are the answer to every grown-up raver kids prayers; a line of fashion-forward handbags guaranteed to keep all eyes on you, all night long.

Bacal Perspex & Sound Activated Dollar Sign on2 HR.jpg
Fitzgerald Perspex with LED lights Ladyluck Pink on2 HR.jpg
Fitzgerald Perspex with LED lights Ladyluck Red on2 HR.jpg
Merrick Perspex & LED lights Lucky Black on HR.jpg

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