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Chicharito's Shot Nearly Lops the Head Off of a Terrified Ball Boy

Well, at least that's what the ball boy thought.
February 6, 2016, 7:05pm

El disparo de #ChicharitoEnFD que se va desviado…y @esmuellert_ pudo vivirlo de cerca. #BundesligaEnFD
— FOX Deportes (@FOXDeportes) February 6, 2016

Chicharito is in scorching hot form for Bayer Leverkusen—tallying a whopping 13 goals in 16 appearances—and so too is his shot today, apparently. In a huge matchup against table-topping Bayern Munich, the Mexican national nearly lopped off some poor ball boy's head. Or at least that's what the ball boy thought.

In the 53rd minute, Chicharito took a healthy shot that careened toward the poor kid, and, apparently fearing for his life—or his job, or whatever—the ball boy desperately tried to get out of the way, tripped backwards over his own heels, and fell into the side netting. The ball had some arch to it, but based on the fear in the boy's eye, you would've thought it was going to give him a permanent, backwards Adidas tattoo on his forehead. Chicharito is simply that fearsome.


The ball boy's name is Thomas Müller. Was wondering why he strayed so far outside the barrier…