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VICE Sports World News Roundup: July 25, 2016

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Good morning, America. It's July 25th, 2016. Welcome to the VICE Sports World News Roundup. Be sure to stop every morning for more headlines from around the world.

Let's start off with some Olympic news: The IOC, an international group of cowardly (mostly) men, decided against a blanket ban on the Russian Olympic team, despite the state-sponsored doping everyone now acknowledges took place in that country. Also, weirdly, no Russian athlete previously popped for doping will be eligible to compete—a ban that will not apply to other countries' athletes.


Also in Olympic news, athlete accommodations in Rio are a disaster. The Australian Olympic team complained of "blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring." Yikes!

In other news, the Olympic stadium in Beijing was supposed to host a friendly between Manchester City and Manchester United, but there has been so much rain in the area that the field wasn't usable. The game was canceled.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has outlawed Pokemon Go!

The Creators Project recently featured a place called Football Cafe in New York City, home of Nowhere FC.

France won the U19 European Championship. Congrats!

CA Y EST !!! NOUS SOMMES CHAMPIONS D'EUROPE U19!! BRAVO — Equipe de France (@equipedefrance)July 24, 2016

The CrossFit Games took place over the weekend. Mathew Fraser won the men's division, while Iceland's Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir won the women's division for the second year in a row. Another Icelandic woman, Ragnheiður Sara Sigmundsdottir, took third for the second year in a row. Two-time champion, Annie Thorisdottir, whom I profiled last week, finished a disappointing 13th.

Sam Allardyce is your new England manager.

Chris Fromme won the Tour de France for a third time.

Photo of the Day

Here is a fantastic photo of Frankie Saenz punching Eddie Wineland right in the nose during the latest UFC Fight Night. Eddie Wineland won the fight.


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