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NFL Dos and Don'ts: Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are brash and unapologetic, unless they're saying some shit about the Steelers.

As we prepare for another year of NFL football, let's take a look back at the highs and lows from 2014 for each team. Welcome to NFL Dos and Don'ts. If you missed one, you can read all our recaps right here.


Steve Smith was a Carolina Panther for most of his career. But after his old team cut him loose, Smith signed with the Ravens and vowed revenge. At least, I'm assuming he vowed revenged because he was pretty charged up for his Week 1 matchup with the Bengals. And he was even more charged up after he and Joe Flacco teamed up for an 80-yard touchdown on a busted play. After he made his way back to the bench and guzzled some Haterade, he let loose an expletive-filled tirade at the Panthers organization.


It should go without saying, but if your old employer lets you go because they think your best days are behind you, Do, Do, Do look into the camera and yell "if you fucking think I can't play, you're gonna find out week four, motherfucker." After watching this, you know damn well Steve Smith wanted to sign with the Ravens because he'd be playing against the Panthers early in the season and that's another Do right there. Stick to your team however you can, because they will stick it to you worse, and more often.


The less psychotic of the Harbaugh Brothers is actually the more successful pro coach. While Jim's taken his pleats to Ann Arbor, John is entering his eighth year as Baltimore's head coach. He's been to three AFC Championship games, won a Super Bowl, the whole bit. Unfortunately he's still a little sloppy when it comes to what he says in front of cameras. Try as he might to keep some off-color fighting words off CBS's airwaves, here we are.

The Ravens had just gotten done beating the Titans (shocker) 21-7, and Harbaugh was giving a post-game speech. This was significant because Baltimore was a week removed from a 43-23 beatdown from the division rival Steelers. During the speech, he also referenced the Steelers' game that week, which was a loss to the New York Jets (actual, legitimate shocker). So, when he said the Steelers just got their asses kicked, he was pumping up his guys by pointing out what losers the Steelers were. Which is awesome! Fuck the Steelers, man! You're the Ravens; the Steelers are pack of chump-ass chumps. But Don't preface your Hard Truths by making sure the camera directly in front of your face will not pass along those sentiments. Own that shit, John.