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Kenton Slash Demon's New Video For "TT" Intertwines Reality and Iridescent Animation

It is the product of a recent colaboration with the Dark Matters design studio​ at the Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center.

The latest video from the Danish dynamic duo Kenton Slash Demon, premiering today on THUMP, is a disorientating trip through a perception-altering reality. "TT" soundtracks the A-side off their recent single on Sydney's Future Classic imprint with aqueous and iridescent animation of dancing humans and organic-seeming abstract shapes. It features footage from a recent collaborative performance with the Dark Matters design studio at Copenhagen's Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, and was edited by Gustav and Malthe Risager of the arts platform Spektrum.


Dark Matters told THUMP about their process via email: "We aimed to create this twilight zone through heavy light and smoke to obliterate the notion of a normal concert room," the explained. "This also enhanced the feeling of a complete sensorial take-over with the audience, melting the boundaries between music and the physical space."

Gustav and Malthe Risager also offered their take. "For the project we experimented with the displacement of time and its impact on the vision of movement," the said. "We used a technique to merge shape and motion as a visual translation of the sound. The idea is to let the viewer explore this unison universe in the limbo between reality and animation. Only the imagination of the viewer sets the limit of interpreting the moving bodies into new visual appearances and figures."

Back in September, the Danish duo told us about their story and personal history in a playlist.

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