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Yuksek's Disco-Centric Partyfine Label Goes All Broody with Get a Room!

The Parisian duo's "Leave This Town" sounds like Massive Attack covering the 'Night Rider' theme song.

Reims-born producer Yuksek has been dropping 'lil nuggets of disco-influenced dancefloor gold all over the map for more than a decade. In that time, he's remixed everyone from Ghostface Killah to Blur to Lana Del Rey, released two LPs, produced the entirety (minus one track) of seminal francophile scratch group Birdy Nam Nam's Manual for Successful Rioting LP, and launched side-projects with Brodinski, The Magician, and Alex Metric respectively.


Never one to rest on his laurels, Yuksek launched his own record label last year, Partyfine, through which he's introduced the world to Parisian duo Get a Room! The fittingly fashionable pair have remixed DFA's YACHT and Ed Banger's Breakbot and can claim a notable Parisian Boiler Room set to their name. Their debut EP, titled Inbetween, is three tracks of dystopian disco that's heavy on style and mood.

"We met Yuksek during a party in Paris," Get a Room! tell THUMP. "The first thing we all felt that night was the idea that playing records together was working quite well. From that we did more gigs together and we understood that our common point is disco. We all shared the same interest for all that disco, stuff from the UK and New york, from Greg Wilson to Chicken Lips, James Murphy. Although, We probably got into a darker shade of sounds than Yuksek, that's why we usually close the clubs after him!"

The fast friends quickly brought their mutual affinities into the recording studio. The duo explain, "The idea of releasing an EP on Partyfine came naturally. When we pop into Yuksek's with some tracks, he just knows how to make them sound much better. The vibe at Partyfine is really defined by Yuksek's studio, that's where things comes out. The place is made for jams, junk food, and floating ideas with coffee and weed.

We've got the double-premiere of two tracks from those fruitful sessions. First, "Leave this Town," featuring Geisha Boy, and then the club-centric remix by Remain. " 'Leave this town' is the mid tempo track of our EP," Get a Room elaborate. The track has latent "Night Rider" vibes and soaks in atmosphere under Geisha Boy's trip-hop influenced vocals. Remain's remix is a more driving, dancefloor number that keeps the moody aesthetic and will be sure to have you jacking and scowling in no time.

Inbetween, released February 3rd, also features a track titled "Agony & Pain" that the-one-and-only Pete Tong's been all over on BBC Radio. At this rate, Yuksek's protégés might want to look into getting a whole house instead of a room.

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