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Grimes' Boiler Room DJ Set Will Go Down in History

Techno purists outraged as Grimes defiles their sacred space with Daddy Yankee.

Yesterday we lost our shit in the office while witnessing one of the most bizarre Boiler Room segments in recent history. Grimes was billed to do a DJ set at Richie Hawtin's house in Ibiza, which at times looked more like a rich seven-year-old's birthday party, complete with Slip n' Slides, inflatable animals, and clowns (were those clowns?). Grimes' set turned out to be mostly a Top 40 rundown from her iTunes playlist, with hilarious highlights galore. Outraged techno purists in the Boiler Room chat were (suprise!) quick to accuse Grimes of defiling their sacred space for dance music's hippest offerings. Grimes responded to speculation that she was simply "trolling" the live-streaming institution, saying "Nothing about anything I do is ironic." Here are some of our highlights from what will most certainly go down in history of as one of Boiler Room's most legendary sessions:


Venga Boys "We Like to Party"

Yes, she did. She dropped the 2004 official anthem of Six Flags. I have to give Grimes credit on having the


to rinse this one in the Boiler Room—mostly because it was the perfect soundtrack for watching all the Spanish models prance around in kiddie pools.

Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas Is You" 
Christmas music during the heat of the summer in an Ibiza villa? An obvious choice. Only Grimes could make this work. The entire VICE office stopped working to sing along to this one.

The Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop"
I think we can all agree that we don't hear enough Ramones on the dancefloor today. Thanks for the breath of fresh air Grimes.

Daddy Yankee "Gasolina"
Grimes saved the best for last, and by last we mean the last song before Azari made the swift move to take conrol of the decks. Grimes dropped it low to everyone's favorite gushy reggaeton love ballad from Daddy Yankee. Wait… what happened to Daddy Yankee anyway?

Meanwhile, on Twitter:

…and my personal favorite

To the guy with the ponytail who was staring deep into Grimes' iTunes while attempting to keep his infatuated small talk going and fumbling with a beer can—if you're reading this, I have three pieces of advice: First, ditch the scrunchie. That hasn't been okay since Sex and The City Season Three. Second, look out for cameras next time. You never know what will end up on the 'net. Third, don't try to hit on a DJ while they're DJing. No, not even a female DJ. They don't like that shit any more than anyone else. How the hell did that guy get into Richie's villa in the first place?