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Download: Pocz & Pacheco - Taladro

Download a bassy Venezuelan house cut from Enchufada and get your tuki on.
July 10, 2013, 8:10pm

Portugal's Enchufada label—run by João Barbosa from Buraka Som Sistema (better known as Branko) and his friend  (also named João)—are giving away a ton of free music from the rising stars of tropical bass. This bi-weekly drop is called Upper Cuts. It's time for Season 2 and we're proud to partner with the dudes in releasing these big bad riddims into the world. Shake something!

If we told you that Venezuela's Pocz & Pacheko weave Latin percussion and melodies into techno-bass untz then you'd probably start imagining the worst hotel lounge music ever created and go back to your Juicy J mixtape. But this pair of Caracas-based firecrackers have figured out the formula of how to make massive club tracks that somehow still evoke the land of arepas and soccer fanatics.

The duo are obsessed with the '90s-style of ravey Venezuelan working-class/ghetto music called changa tuki, a hyper Euro-dance-inspired style that's sort of the equivalent of tecno brega in Brazil or hardstyle in Rotterdam. (Watch the documentary in Spanish below to check out DJ Baba "The Raptor" plus some rad knee-full dance moves.) Put simply, it's raw and it bangs—not a bad starting point. But don't take our word for it: just listen to their Changa Letal EP and see if you don't start humping the furniture. Download their snaky, UK funky-ish cut called "Taladro" above (the title means "drill") and practice gettin' your tuki on.