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Swing Ting's Guide to Manchester

The club collective's Platt gave us the lowdown on where to score cheap food and cheaper records up north.

Ah, Manchester, so much to answer for. The rainy northern city is definitely in our top 5 rainy northern cities and we'll take any excuse we can find to hop on the train from Euston for a wander round the Arndale Centre. It isn't just THUMP who love the place—club crew Swing Ting are absolutely fookin' massive advocates of the place too. They even live there. Which is more than we claim.

You'll know Samrai and Platt, MC Fox, Joey B and Murlo for their basement wrecking sets that span everything from dancehall to grime, house to soca. They throw parties, put out records, and generally seem to be living it up 24/7.


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Ahead of the honorary Mancunian's set this Saturday at Warehouse Project, we caught up with Samrai and Platt for a quick tour round the city that gave the world Corrie, Gary Neville, and the MEN.

So, I'm in Manchester for the first time. I've heard about something called the Northern Quarter…What is it? Someone told me it was trendy. Are they right?

Platt: The Northern Quarter's where the record shops, clothes boutiques, indie retailers and small clubs were based when we first moved here nine years ago. Sadly some of these have closed their doors as more bars and cafes have moved in. However, there are still some cool places and spaces such as Soup Kitchen (our home every third Saturday of the month), Piccadilly Records and Vinyl Exchange.

I want to take in some authentic Mancunian culture…what's the most Manc thing I can do of an afternoon?
We love this city, but as outsiders, I'm not sure we're qualified to answer this one! Come back to us in 20 years when we've earnt our honorary Mancunian status.

I'm now wearing a half and half city/united shirt with "CORRIE" on the back so yeah, feeling pretty Manc. I'd like to buy some records now. My mum got me a voucher I can use in independent record shops so where shall I spent it?
If the voucher qualifies for second hand spots hit up King Bee records in Chorlton. Mad bargains in there…dancehall 12"s for £2.50 a pop.


I'm a bit thirsty after that, where's the best place in town for a quiet pint? Followed by a raucous cocktail or ten.
It's tough to find a spot for a quiet pint but The Cutting Room is a good shout, and The Gaslamp on Bridge Street is great for cocktails. There are loads of places on and around Tarriff Street where you can get your drink on when things get a bit rowdier.

Christ, I need to sober up. Are there any spots of natural beauty where I can sit and nurse a bottle of Evian and have a long hard think about my life?
Probably worth getting a quick tram 20mins north to sit on a hill at Heaton Park to regain your composure. The good thing about Manchester is that you're only really 20 minutes in any direction from greenery.

Wow, that worked! I feel pretty good now. I'm in the mood for a pre Warehouse Project dance. Are there any smaller venues that consistently put on great nights that I can nip into?
Islington Mill, Soup Kitchen, Kraak, Whiskey Jar's basement are all great intimate spaces.

I've just left Warehouse Project and I'm soaked with sweat after a stunning Swing Ting set. I'm also ravenous. Where shall I go for a super late/super early spot of food?
Al Madina in Rusholme for a Fish Karahi.. Always hits the spot at 5am!

The Swing Ting crew play alongside Evian Christ, Krystal Klear and a tonne of other top tier talent this Saturday at Warehouse Project. Head here) for tickets and more information.

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