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StéLouse Sheds His Summer Skin With "Brave" Featuring Ill-esha

The self-proclaimed “genrekiller” puts out his own flip of summer.

Sometimes it takes a long journey through music before an artist hones his own sound. Sometimes, even after achieving success with one sound, artists find their true calling in different one. StéLouse (pronounced "stay loose") is of the latter. The Denver-based producer showcases his latest stop on his musical voyage with his new track "Brave" featuring ill-esha.

StéLouse, known as Ross Ryan, got his start in music by playing in alt-rock bands and saw some success opening for groups like 30 Seconds to Mars and Jane's Addiction. When his last band broke up, however, StéLouse traded in his guitar for a laptop and Ableton and decided to strike out on his own. Abandoning the rock and roll four-by-four convention for drum machines and future-influenced hooks, his flips of tracks by Doja Cat and Jack Ü have garnered hundreds of thousands of listens on SoundCloud this year alone.

"Brave" brings more of the same heat. Featuring lofty chords, dancing synth patterns and a belting vocal by Vancouver vocalist ill-esha, the track basks under the warmth of summer.

"Brave (ft. ill-esha)" is out this Friday on Atlantic's new singles label Taste and Tone.

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