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Jamie K & Luigi Rocca have Instant Chemistry in “Blame”

Another big release from Europe, and just in time for Miami.
March 24, 2015, 3:30pm

What do you get when a Brit and an Italian walk into a music studio? Well, according to the new Jamie K & Luigi Rocca EP, an instant bout of chemistry. Their musical concoction is set to be released on the German label Formatik, run (unsurprisingly) by Format B.

The "Britalian" duo have come together to collaborate on a funky fresh EP, for purposes that begin and end with the dance floor. The A-Side of the soul infused release is titled "Blame" and is in collaboration with Penny F on vox.

"Blame" is a rolling house tune through and through. Forget about sub-genres - this isn't 'deep house', or 'tech house', or a lighter form of 'techno'. Instead it's a tribute to house music in its finest form. A truly bouncy low end is an accolade to Jamie K's past with Toolroom, while those sticky, beautifully shuffled hats provide that Italian virtuoso we'd expect from Luigi Madonna. We're expecting this one to get played out all week long in Miami.

While Jamie has been plying his craft throughout the UK, Rocca has been busy working with Italian house music staples and good friends, Manuel De La Mare and Alex Kenji. He's a founding member of the well-respected label 303 Lovers, which Jamie K has released on in the past. Here we have a duo that know each other well, which is demonstrated in this noticeably strong collaboration. Onwards and upwards from these two dance floor guns!

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