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Is the World's Largest Nightclub Set to Open in Toronto?

Powerhouse Corp. has applied for a license that would expand the capacity of one of its current venues to over 15,000 people.
Photo courtesy of REBEL

The world's largest nightclub—with a capacity to hold more than 15,000 people—could soon be coming to Toronto, CBC Toronto reports.

Powerhouse Corp., which owns REBEL and adjacent bar Cabana, has applied for a new liquor license that would allow the current waterfront venue to expand its capacity to 7,584 patrons inside and another 7,971 allowed on its patios. The company is also hoping to lift the strict conditions put on its existing license, following excessive noise complaints from locals in 2006.

While a lawyer for Powerhouse told CBC Toronto there's no plans to use the extra capacity if granted, Richard Kulis said, "There's always a chance for everything. But in my view of it, I think we're looking at numbers reasonably close to, if not exactly, the capacity that exists now." Currently, the club's limited to 3,163 people indoors and 2,510 outside.

The application is scheduled to be heard by Ontario's Licensing Appeals Tribunal on February 9. This news follows Toronto councillor Paula Fletcher's recent announcement that she'll be pushing to implement an initiative requiring electronic music festivals to have paramedics on-site, to be paid for by promoters.

According to their website, Ibiza's Privilege currently holds the record for the world's biggest nightclub, with a capacity of about 10,000 people.

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