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Booka Shade's Debut Gets a Video, Ten Years After Release

The Berlin duo's "Vertigo" comes to life once again.

Off their debut album Memento, Booka Shade releases an eerie music video for their 2004 single, "Vertigo." Based on the film Here After by Patrick Jolley, the duo hired visual director Fubbi Karlsson to make edits centered around the visuals and sound.

Walter and Arno tell us "the visual aspect of our music was very important to us from day one. Memento was based around the idea that we produced music late at night while we had movies running on the TV screen with the sound off. We were lucky that our long time companion Eike Koenig (Eikes Grafischer Hort) had created the artwork for our first album."


A lot has changed in ten years since the release. Booka Shade's concept of pushing visuals to promote the album has only improved. "Looking back, we made a lot of beginner mistakes, but it was pure enthusiasm that pushed us forward. We still believe it was the right thing to do. We're a live band and we have to make the effort."

Booka Shade's album 'EVE' is now available on iTunes.

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