Here Are 11 Absolutely Terrible Thanksgiving Club Flyers
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Here Are 11 Absolutely Terrible Thanksgiving Club Flyers

Tryptophan and clubbing don't mix.
November 25, 2015, 6:26pm

It's Thanksgiving again. Most of us will spend our time around the holiday racked with nervous energy or fending off the unique sense of guilt brought on by overindulgence in cheap spiced wine and ladles of coagulated giblet gravy. However, for some ambitious folks, Thanksgiving is just another day to turn up, but, you know, with like leaves and turkeys and shit.

Below are some of the most goddawful racist, idiotic, and just badly designed flyers that, apparently, club promoters think will induce folks out of their tryptophan and sugar induced comas and onto the dancefloor.


Dring this flyer's creation, someone thought that sunglasses would be a pertinent stylistic addition. An Indian Chieftain somehow wasn't cool enough.


Photo courtesy of Team Swagg

"Twerksgiving" entered my vocabulary this year. I am now cooler than most the people in the VICE office.


Sac-Town! We are coming for you Nov. 21st! — BAD ROYALE (@badroyalemusic)November 4, 2015

The red-hued skin. The vague attempt at the indigenous quilt patterns. This is a goddamn travesty.


After wading through a barrage of racist club flyers, I'm actually able to appreciate the simplicity of this epileptic piece of garbage.


Subtle. Simple. This one's not half bad, right?

But then Surrender had to ruin it with a glassy-eyed Diplo and a turkey looking like they just guiltily creeped out of the bushes together.


This is what a nightmare induced by pumpkin spice lattes, half a cup of stolen Starbucks nutmeg, and trap music looks like.


I think I get it now: cultural motif + sunglasses = rave(ish)?


Is it awesome or sad that the only thing bigger than the asses on this flyer is the "NO I.D. REQUIRED" stamp.


A cyborg turkey? A cyborg turkey.


Why not spend Thanksgiving coughing up apple-berry shisha phlegm and trying to forget all that well-manicured facial hair?


Congratulations, you have mastered the art of the stock image search and failed at life.