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We Asked Clubbers If There's Life on Other Planets

In the latest episode of 'Late Night Philosophy' Julie Adenuga hits the streets of Watford for some close encounters of the slurred kind.

We've asked the clubbers of Romford if there is life after death. We've asked the clubbers of Croydon how they know reality isn't a dream. And now, in our unending quest for boozy-breathed truth, THUMP and Beats1 host Julie Adenuga have hit the streets of Watford with one question on our minds: is there life on other planets?

We've all thought about it, right? Cruising home in the back of an Uber—head lolloping in and out of sleep, both eyes fixed on the stars in an effort not to throw up–asking ourselves "what if?" What if somebody, or something, is looking back. Despite the ever-expanding, infinite reaches of the universe, we have yet to discover any evidence of intelligent life anywhere other earth. But surely, in all the darkness, there must be something other than ourselves hurtling through space? Well, Stephen Hawking wasn't responding to our texts, so we asked the next best available experts.

Prepare yourself for some close encounters of the slurred kind.

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