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Watch NYC Icon Danny Krivit Reflect on Paradise Garage, Jimi Hendrix, and 45 Years Behind the Booth

In our latest THUMP Specials, we even get a look inside Krivit's 80,000 strong record collection located across multiple storage units.

Danny Krivit has seen it all. Over a 45 year-long career behind the DJ booth spinning soulful house music, as well as in the studio where he's long been revered for crafting stripped-down disco edits, the New York native's life has been a bustling timeline of iconic nightlife culture, and there's no end in sight. In THUMP Specials Danny Krivit: 45 Years of DJing, we hear firsthand about the pivotal experiences that led him to where he is today, from growing up working and eventually spinning in the Ninth Circle—a popular steakhouse-turned-disco owned by his father and frequented by Jimi Hendrix—to building up his now 80,000 strong record collection. We also learn about how he cut his teeth in influential clubs like David Mancuso's Loft and Paradise Garage alongside his friend Larry Levan; two experiences that led him to found the now-defunct Body & Soul Sunday party with Francois K and Joe Claussell, and later on his own 718 Sessions party. As someone who's been there to see NYC nightlife evolve into what it is today, Krivit also shares his opinions on where the scene is today and what's changed the most.


Not only is 45 years a milestone for Krivit as a DJ in a literal sense, but also ironically falls in line with his passion as a collector of the 45 record—or single—a format that he's been devoted to for his entire career and represents an interesting part of his psyche as a digger. In the doc we even get an intimate look into the multiple storage units that house his famed collection. Like most things we see and hear, it's an open-ended time capsule of music, history, and, of course, the city he knows and loves.