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The Prime Minister of New Zealand's Son Finally Released His EDM Magnum Opus

And it's exactly what you're imagining.

Max Key is the son of New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key. He's also managed to drum up a sort of mini-celeb status for himself in his own right—most likely thanks to his public Facebook page, which is littered with images of his bronzed, washboard abs and his new-money, views-from-the-penthouse, matte-black-Ferrari, bandana-wearing lifestyle. He also appears to be the exact body double of that guy from Thumbsucker, but that feels like a conversation for another time.


After teasing for most of the year about a single drop, New Zealand's answer to Kurt Coleman finally released "Paradise" and its video yesterday, the second of which fulfills almost every EDM trope in the Rolodex in less than three minutes. We're talking about a fisheye lens camera, helicopter rides, extreme sports, rented luxury cars, sunsets over the beach, driving with the top down, a riotous club scene feat. lasers and Max absolutely killing it on the decks, and, of course, being constantly and inexplicably lead everywhere by a smiley model.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Same. Watch the video for "Paradise" below. We'd recommend following it to YouTube, too—there are some pretty special comments.

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