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Lit City Trax Producer Durban Has Given Away 100 Tracks on Twitter

He'll play a Lit City Rave this Friday alongside J-Cush, DJ TiGa, and Massacooraman.
Photo by Christelle de Castro

Brixton-born, Brooklyn-based producer, Durban, has generously shared 100 tracks on Twitter, more than making up for the two year wait since his Chimes EP on Lit City Trax in 2014. We're just digging in ourselves, but so far we're really liking the frigid strut of "SPARKS," subdued, plotting aggression on "WOT U ON," and 8-bit footwork gloom on "XTC," to name a few. On top of these tunes' obvious strength, this giveaway is also pretty special for the unique glimpse it provides into an artist's development over a multi-year period.


"I've never really settled on one bpm or of beat," Durban told The FADER yesterday. "[But] it's safe to say footwork, rap and grime are the prominent influences for these tracks."

This Friday, May 27, Lit City proprietor J-Cush will throw a Lit City Rave in Brooklyn, featuring sets from himself, Durban, Jersey club producer DJ TiGa, and Fade to Mind affiliate Massacooraman. TiGa recently released his pretty terrific The Sound: Vol.1 mixtape; read about how he hopes to challenge listeners' expectations of Jersey club, and describes what's so thrilling about the "hardcore feel" of grittier sounds.

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