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Clicks & Whistles - North Cackalacky [THUMP Exclusive]

Dirty South duo Clicks & Whistles gives us a free song and it's trippy mane.

Whenever a Clicks & Whistles song comes on, you can immediately tell it's them because you suddenly start craving Bojangles and sweet tea. These dudes are really good at repping the South. Not any state or city. Just the dirty dirty South. The Charlotte-based duo has been turning out releases for three years now on key US labels like Embassy, Frite Nite, Symbols, Party Like Us, and T&A. At the rate they're going, we probably won't have to hold out too long for their next release.


While we eagerly await C&W's next record, Petey Clicks and Jorge Whistles have been real Southern gentlemen and given us a free song called "North Cackalacky" that's all about their home state. It's a perfect example of the Clicks & Whistles style because it samples T.I. and sounds a lot slower than it actually is, making it a prime-time syrupy dancefloor tune. Trippy mane!