High Adrenaline and Quality Snacks Keep Grandtheft Afloat


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High Adrenaline and Quality Snacks Keep Grandtheft Afloat

The Torontonian producer tells us how he keeps it 100.

Don't expect Grandtheft to slow down anytime soon. As one of North America's busiest DJs, his sound has evolved significantly since his nu-disco beginnings in Montreal. With a production career spanning over 20 years, the veteran artist is back at it after a crazy 2014 involving a staggering 20 show tour. His newly released track "Butterscotch" is a collaboration with fellow Canadian Lambo. "Lambo is my homie from Winnipeg. We wanted to make a really fun party jam," says Grandtheft. The track is a bass heavy melter in Grandtheft's typically intense style.


Despite his insane tour schedule and fast paced lifestyle, Grandtheft insists that he's pretty tame these days. "In terms of being creative, I used to be way into getting blunted," says Grandtheft on every one's favourite past time. "But since I moved into a real studio, I actually don't do that very often when I write. It sounds boring, but I am way more productive and make way better choices. One consistency is that there are always awesome snacks involved."

Even with a slew energy drinks and endless adrenaline, it's hard to pinpoint how Grandtheft has kept up with his hectic schedule. "This year has been so amazing and full of first experiences. I've been wide eyed and trying to soak it up. I honestly feel so lucky to travel and that people genuinely enjoy my music," he says. "I refuse to dwell on how little sleep I get. I'm pretty good at staying focused. On the road, I put my head down and power through and when I get home, I'm so inspired that all I want to do is write new music."

His home is Toronto-a city Grandtheft loves despite being a longtime resident of Montreal, and the co-owner of one of its favourite watering holes, Blue Dog. "Montreal is such a great place to live and create. It's mad cheap, so it's easy to support yourself and have time to work on music. It's full of European people and cultural influences too," says Grandtheft.

"Toronto is even more of a massive international city, though. It's much more geared towards working hard and getting your business on track. I am a motivated person who works all the time, so at this point, it's nice to be surrounded by like minded people. The knock on Toronto is that it's too boring or too mainstream, but these days, that's bullshit. Over the last few years, arts, culture, music, and food all seem to be thriving more than ever in Toronto. I'm really inspired here."

Toronto seems to love Grandtheft just as much. He recently played a full house at The Hoxton, one of the city's premiere clubbing venues. "To come back home and sell out that show with friends and family in the crowd was one of the most magical nights of my career so far," says the producer.

2015 will undoubtedly be just as hectic for the former Team Canada DJ as last-a prospect he welcomes. "People can expect tons of new songs. I'm working with Mad Decent on a bunch of releases I'm really excited about. I can't wait for you guys to hear," says Grandtheft.

And now, we wait.

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