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Stream Bwana's 'Akira'-Themed EP 'Capsule's Pride' on NPR Right Now

The Toronto-born producer's ambitious project has arrived.
Courtesy of artist

There's been a lot of hype surrounding Toronto-born, Berlin-based producer Bwana's upcoming Capsule's Pride EP on LuckyMe Records. The nine-track album is a rework of the 1988 Japanese anime Akira's soundtrack, which features clips and sound elements of the film blended in.

The Katsuhiro Otomo-directed film traverses varieties of techno and ambient electronic, all while immersing listeners in the strange, surreal, and often violent world of Akira's neon-lit streets.

The EP will be available on March 25, but you can stream the whole album right now via NPR.

Capsule's Pride Tracklist

1. Capsule's Pride (Bikes)
2. Kiyoko's Vision
3. Nightfall in Neo-Tokyo
4. Failed Escape (Where You Belong)
5. The Colonel's Mistake, The Scientist's Regret
6. S.O.L
7. Akira's Light
8. K&K (Lovers In The Light)
9. Tetsuo's Dance (Ascendance)