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Take a First Look at a Very Colorful Mysteryland 2015

It's more than just hippie vibes this weekend at the site of the original Woodstock.
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The forecast for upstate New York this Saturday and Sunday, May 23 and 24 is colorful. Mysteryland US has shared a few preview photos of its 2015 sprawl in Bethel Woods and it is set to impress even those who were dazzled by last year's debut.

"We wanted to continue to build off the natural beauty of the venue, creating 'worlds' that make up the festival," says Lotte Anna Lebens, brand director for promoter ID&T. "Each world has a certain look and feel that falls back into our ethos of showcasing music, culture, and art."


Hosted on the site of the original Woodstock festival in 1969, the history of the grounds is as much an inspiration for the festival design as anything. Still, it's hard to imagine how 500,000 people ever found their way to their friends and a farm upstate without internet. "It was a beautiful, peaceful, muddy, chaos—absent of all the amenities we now take for granted at music festivals," Lebens tells THUMP. "What it didn't lack, however, were moments filled with happening truths that impacted the shape of music culture for years to come."

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In addition to non-musical activities like yoga, art installations, and a space to get married (yes, really), Lebens also promises an expanded and improved camping section for those planning to fully immerse themselves in the natural elements of the site where a generational movement once coalesced. Not to worry, though. It's not all hippie vibes.

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"If you don't feel like starting the day off with a sun salutation and you'd rather indulge in a bacon, egg and cheese before you dance yourself into a sweat at the Spiegeltent, we most definitely promote those choices as well," she says. "Starting your day off with some deep house yoga or choosing to lounge around in hammocks with an organic juice are just a few of the alternative options we provide."


"Mysteryland is a space where you can choose your own adventure and experience freedom, no set schedules, just a few guidelines," she adds. "The days and nights and early mornings are different for everyone at our festival, and that's the way it's supposed to be."

See you in the Woods!

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