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Jenn Green of GREENHAUS RADIO Loves Homegrown Musical Talent

The Last Record: the emerging radio presenter chose a selection of rap and deep house.
Photo courtesy of Jenn Green.

Jenn Green is a radio presenter based in Seattle. She hosts GREENHAUS RADIO, a weekly radio show that airs on RWD.FM on Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m. EST. She also splits her time as in-studio hospitality at KEXP and as a DJ assistant at Hush Hush Records. Stream past episodes of GREENHAUS RADIO here.

For this edition of "The Last Record," Green chose a mix of progressive and contemplative singer-songwriter production and deep house.


1. "FEEL SAFE 88 (just say no)" by The Return of Pimp Shrimp

King Krule (Archy Marshall) is one of my favorite artists around. He is only 22 years old and makes really rad music. I first discovered his music shortly after he was featured on Mount Kimbie's brilliant 2013 album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth. On his own, Marshall has four EPs and two studio albums. I've noticed that Marshall appreciates all sorts of genres and artists (including the Pixies, the Libertines, Fela Kuti, J Dilla), which I can totally get down with as a listener.

I enjoy the alter egos he takes on as he gets older. On August 24th, he turned 22 and to celebrate, he dropped "FEEL SAFE 88 (just say no)" under the new alias The Return Of Pimp Shrimp on his official SoundCloud page. The song is the only upload on the newly-created page with no additional information. We don't know if this is from any forthcomingproject. I'm digging the new single because it has a groovy feel to it and reminds of Les Sins (Chazwick Bundick of Toro y Moi).

2. "Rhodes That" by Real D

This track randomly appeared on my radar and I am not mad about that. "Rhodes That" is a fantastic deep house track that comes from a French DJ and producer named Real D. I was born in Detroit, the birth place of techno. I spent my formative years in Chicago where I learned about house music. Shout out to the greatness that is SmartBar! Deep house is a very happy place for me.

3. "Wide Awake" by DoNormaal (produced by Jack City)

I had the pleasure of seeing DoNormaal thrive at TUFFEST this year, an all-day arts and music festival created by the awesome female, trans, and non-binary collective TUF. DoNormaal also graced the new KEXP home this summer for an in-studio performance, Capitol Hill Block Party's 20th anniversary, Seattle's all-ages venue The Vera Project, legendary venue the Crocodile and various other places.

According to the artist herself, she believes she has played a little more than 103 shows in Seattle since moving from California in 2013. DoNormaal's music vibrates on a frequency of its own. This woman is as bright as her vision and she certainly has stories to tell. Christy is a poet and a very good one. Full of fight and far from sugar-coated storytelling, DoNormaal moves me whether it's through her words or her carefree style that makes me feel free.