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HBO's 'High Maintenance' Looks Like High-Quality Stoner Bait

The first teaser from the popular series about your friendly neighborhood weed-slinger unveils a catchy new theme song and storylines.

High Maintenance is ostensibly a show about an affable weed-delivery guy schlepping his buds, baggies, and edibles through the five boroughs. But, for me, the heart of the show resides in the absurd, hilarious, and occasionally poignant interactions he has with his varied customer base—obnoxious BFFs, fighting couples, lonely single guys and gals and their moms or dads.

Watching the show can be like witnessing your most irritating neighbors, neurotic friends, and/or worst selves enacted in uncomfortably familiar settings—the show is shot in actual NYC apartments—for maximum laughs and, sometimes, an unexpected pathos that throws a light on the highs and lows of everyday life in the city.

And now, we get to see it all with prestige-TV production values (and, apparently, a new theme song), since HBO has released the first teaser for High Maintenance's upcoming run on the premium network.

The series will feature six episodes, each 30 minutes long, far longer than the ten-to 15-minute runtimes back when the show was a popular web series on Vimeo. What will they do with all that extra time? We'll find out when the show drops this fall.

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