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Olive Garden Is Selling 21,000 All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Passes

Last year's passes sold out in one second, so act fast.
Photo via Flickr user Tony Alter

Americalovesnoodles. And no restaurant better feeds our national pasta yearnings like Olive Garden—a spaghetti-and-breadstick sanctuary for all our carb worship. Now, in order to better satiate our pasta palates, the Italian food franchise has decided to bring back its "Unlimited Pasta Pass" for carb fans nationwide, NBC reports.

This year, the Italian eatery will offer 21,000 passes for $100 a pop that customers can buy online this Thursday afternoon. Each pass grants its recipient as many never-ending pasta bowls, breadsticks, and as much soda as they desire between October 3 and November 20. They're going to sell fast, though—when the company offered 2,000 passes for the same promotion last year, they were all gone in literally one second.

"Within seconds of last year's pasta pass sale beginning, our most enthusiastic fans clicked 'purchase,' becoming part of an exclusive club and the envy of pasta lovers everywhere," said Olive Garden's VP of marketing Jose Duenas, in a statement. "We're expanding the club tenfold to give more guests an all-access pass to our most popular promotion of the year."

Maybe Chipotle should try following Olive Garden's lead instead of just drone-dropping burritos on college campuses in the hopes people will forget about that whole "pooping blood" thing.

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