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Trump Canceled a Meeting with the 'New York Times,' Then Changed His Mind

After lashing out at the "not nice" newspaper, the president-elect decided to talk to its reporters after all.
November 22, 2016, 3:48pm

Being made president-elect hasn't tempered Donald Trump's rage against the media.

On Monday, Donald Trump invited TV executives and reporters to a meeting at Trump Tower, where he berated them for almost a half hour about their "dishonest" and "outrageous" coverage of him and his campaign, reportedly whining about—among other things—a photo NBC News ran that showcased his double chin.

The next day, Trump continued his streak of media criticism, taking to Twitter to lash out at the "failing" and "not nice" New York Times and announcing that he'd canceled his Tuesday meeting with the paper, accusing it of wanting to change the ground rules at the last minute.

That was news to the Times, which hadn't heard that the meeting—which was supposed to consist of an off-the-record session followed by an on-the-record interview—was off until reading about it on Twitter with everyone else. According to the newspaper's spokesperson, Trump was the one who had wanted to change the parameters of the meeting, making the whole thing off the record, which the Times wouldn't agree to.

And then, as quickly as it was canceled, Trump decided that the meeting was back on. According to CNN, he will have both a conversation with the newspaper's heads as well an on-the-record interview.