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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Facebook has a controversial plan to bring free internet to the US, Hurricane Matthew batters Florida, and more.
October 7, 2016, 10:01am

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US News

Florida Warned of 'Monster' as Hurricane Matthew Hits
Winds and driving rain from Hurricane Matthew battered the Florida coast as the western eye wall of the storm touched the state's eastern coast Friday. More than 500,000 people were without power overnight. "This storm's a monster," Florida governor Rick Scott warned. "This storm can kill you."—ABC News

Clinton Wants Florida to Shift Voter Registration Deadline
Governor Scott has said he will not extend the state's voter registration deadline in light of Hurricane Matthew, despite calls from Hillary Clinton's campaign to do so. Scott said "people have had time to register" in advance of the October 11 deadline. Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said the state should "adapt deadlines to account for the storm." Democrats could sue to force the change.—CNN


Chicago Has Highest Number of Heroin ER Visits, Study Says
A new study has suggested that in addition to seeing its most brutal year in recent history when it comes to gun violence, Chicago ranks number one in the nation for deaths related to heroin-related emergencies. The Roosevelt University study found 1,425 heroin deaths happened in Chicago and its surrounding counties between 2013 and 2015. Officials admitted the true number could be higher since overdose deaths have been "underreported."—NBC News

Forty-Five Afghan Troops Went AWOL from US Training
Pentagon officials have revealed that 45 Afghan troops visiting the US for military training went AWOL from their assignments, with more than a dozen still missing. In some cases, those who went missing were in the US for intelligence-gathering training.—USA Today

International News

Haiti Death Toll Soars More Than 300
The death toll in Haiti as a result of Hurricane Matthew has risen to more than 300, according to officials. Haitians are bracing for the toll to rise further as soldiers and relief workers discover the full impact of the storm. —BBC News

UN Tells Saudi Arabia to End Child Floggings
Saudi Arabia needs to end "severe" discrimination against girls and repeal laws allowing the flogging, stoning, and execution of children, UN human rights watchdogs say. The Committee on the Rights of the Child is concerned the country "still does not recognize girls as full subjects of rights."—Reuters


Twenty-Two Soldiers Killed at Niger Refugee Camp
Nearly two-dozen soldiers were killed in Niger when unknown assailants assaulted troops protecting a Malian refugee camp. Prime Minister Brigi Rafini announced the deaths of the soldiers, but did not say whether any civilians had been killed. Residents of the camp fled Mali after militant groups seized Mali's desert north four years ago.—Al Jazeera

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Sets Out to End Maduro Rule
Henrique Capriles is confident he can force President Nicolás Madurostep down. The chief opposition leader said he would be able to collect the 4 million signatures needed to force a recall referendum, and that the majority of the population want change. "We are having the worst situation in our history," he said.—BBC News

Everything Else

Facebook Wants to Bring Free (Controversial) Internet to US
Facebook is in talks with the White House to broach the idea of free internet access for Americans who aren't currently connected, and hopes to launch the Free Basics app, shut down by regulators in India earlier this year, in the United States.—The Washington Post

Lee Daniels to Direct Jay-Z Movie About Richard Pryor
Director Lee Daniels is back onboard to helm a biopic about the life of the legendary comedian Richard Pryor. Daniels returned after dropping out of the project in May, with Jay-Z now producing the movie.—The Guardian

Adult Site CEO Arrested on Pimping Charges
Carl Ferrer, the CEO of the adult classifieds portal, has been arrested in Texas on allegations of pimping underage victims. The arrest follows that of the folks behind last year.—Los Angeles Times

Right-Wing German Leader Compares Migrants to Compost
Frauke Petry, leader of Germany's Alternative für Deutschland Party, has been condemned for comparing migrants to a pile of compost. Referring to a diversity campaign called "Germany is colorful," she said: "A compost heap is colorful too."—VICE News

Solange Shares Behind the Scenes Documentary
Solange has shared footage of her new album being created in a new online documentary entitled, A Seat at the Table, Beginning Stages. It shows Solange working with Kwes and Sampha, and at home with her young son Julez.—Noisey

Closest Earth-Like Planet Could Be Covered in Water
Scientists have discovered that the Proxima b planet in the "habitable zone" of Proxima Centauri may be covered in oceans. Researchers at the Marseille Astrophysics Laboratory found the properties of the exoplanet "favor its habitability."—Motherboard