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MTV Classic Is a Nonstop Nostalgia Trip from the Channel’s Glory Days

Get ready to travel back in time—with the push of a button on your remote control.

Check out the promo trailer for MTV Classic above.

Hey, you: Do you have cable? Does your cable provider carry VH1 Classic? Have you watched VH1 Classic at all, ever? That, my friends, is why the channel is rebranding itself as MTV Classic and coming your way August 1.

According to Deadline, MTV Classic will launch in place of VH1 Classic next month, bringing back the music channel's classic shows, like Beavis and Butthead, Pimp My Ride, and Laguna Beach. It will also feature a nonstop buffet of throwback music videos, movies, and concert footage.

The reboot will kick off at 6 AM that day with MTV Hour One, a rebroadcast of the channel's first hour of programming, which aired 35 years to the date. (For all you non-cable-heads, MTV Hour One will air on Facebook Live, too. Modern, meet retro!)

Arguments can be made for and against the idea itself of MTV Classic—"Hey, now I can watch this show I've been illegally streaming forever!" or "Goddamn it, I'm so sick of perpetual nostalgia!" It does sound, however, like the channel's programming will prove more interesting than, say, a marathon of Ridiculousness—which seems to be on all the time now. Less Ridiculousness! More Wonder Showzen!

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