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USA - VICE Guide To Travel DVD is Out Now

October 4, 2006, 7:52am

Our first full-length DVD, The VICE Guide to Travel, came out yesterday in the US. At the risk of yammering on too much about it, we really think that if you're reading this post you owe it to yourself to go buy it here, here or here. Even Ain't it Cool news loved it and the 64 page hardcover book of new VICE stories it comes with.

The DVD follows our fucked-up adventures in fucked-up places all over the world, which you can watch previews of here, here and here.

Beirut? Check. Chernobyl? Check. Bulgaria, China, Congo, Rio, Pakistan and Paraguay? Check. Guns, drugs, weird food, music and naked people? Check. Now will you stop being a douche and go get it before we have to write about it again? Jeez...