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June 1, 2009, 6:58pm

FNU Ronnies

are those glowing red eyes you see peering at you through thick, ominous foliage or that hot dog stamped into the dirt in a dark forest. They are coming to get you.

Some of the FNU Ronnies live in Philadelphia but others have moved to Milwaukee, where weed is apparently harder to come by. On "Watchful Eye," they at first take up their beef with their new hometown's lack of bud via dark and damp rhythms before dropping into a teenage doom punk apocalypse. It's best played as an accompaniment to sitting with bong in hand, playing unsavory video games. Despite all the leery youth skronk, putrid grey noise, and plastic angst, this track, from a single-sided 12-inch, maintains a sense of the playground to balance out all the dark. Although actually that kind of only adds to the creepiness.

FNU Ronnies - "Watchful Eye"