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Welcome to the VICE Guide to Mental Health

The state of our minds in 2015.

From the column 'The VICE Guide to Mental Health'

VICE is known for traveling the planet and covering underreported stories from hard-to-reach corners of the globe, but today we're launching a series of articles focusing on something much more internal. The VICE Guide to Mental Health is a collection of essays and reports that explore some of the issues that affect the mental well-being of people around the world.


One in four adults in the US will experience mental illness this year and though this generation is undoubtably more open about these issues than previous ones, mental illness is often still considered a tough thing to talk about. Perhaps that collective reticence is one reason why the work we have published in this arena in the past has been some of our most popular.

In a way, then, this is a collection of articles that we've been pushed toward by those young people who engage with VICE every day. And because this is such a universal issue, we're proud to be launching it in 15 countries simultaneously, with contributions from many of our international offices.

We'd like to thank the organizations who have been so helpful and supportive in getting these stories together, as well as our UK senior editor, Eleanor Morgan, who worked night and day to pull the majority of this package together.

- Alex Miller, Global Head of Content

If you are concerned about the mental health of you or someone you know, visit Headspace in Australia or the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

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