Photos of People Who Didn't Get Into Sydney Nightclubs


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Photos of People Who Didn't Get Into Sydney Nightclubs

We asked people shut out of clubs in Newtown what they thought the problem was.
May 28, 2015, 2:43am

One of the many rejected partiers.

In Sydney, everyone goes out on Thursday, does no work on Friday, and then goes out again on Saturday. The eye of this party storm used to be the infamous hive of scum and villainy that is Kings Cross. Used to be. The New South Wales lockout laws mean that now everyone bails down to King Street in Newtown.

As a result the area is well on its way to becoming its own infamous scum hive. In the 80s and 90, Newtown was cheap and dangerous. These days it homes young professionals who push median rent prices up and ensure a veritable smorgasbord of cronuts and drinks served in jars. We headed into this chorus of popped-collar hollerers and barking alpha dog wannabes to see who was spending Thursday night on the street, instead of inside where the magic happens.


Throughout the evening we saw entry was granted at best randomly, and at worst with an air of deliberate unfairness. Some of the most munted characters of the night were freely allowed through the doors under the tattered veil of "I've just had a beer at a mate's place". While comparatively more intact individuals were denied. To get a sense of what was going on, we asked them why they thought they weren't in the club.

VICE: Hey man, why didn't you get in?
Matthew: I mean, I've been having a good time tonight, but I'm not drunk. What I think the problem is, I get nervous in front of people—especially authority, you know? Sometimes it's just about the way you present yourself. It's discrimination at some point, and yeah. I wasn't allowed in. There are times when you carry yourself better and you get in. Newtown's changing. There was a time when you could go and have a good time here.

So why are you two not inside right now having the times of your lives?
Larissa: I'm just like, not allowed in.
Bruno: I knocked a drink over.

What are you going to do now?
Larissa: Get the fuck outta here.
Bruno: Oi, are we gonna be famous and shit?

I don't think so.

What's your name?
Unnamed: Why does that matter?

I guess it doesn't. Why are you out here?
He just said to me… I couldn't hold my liquor? Does it look like I'm holding my liquor?

Jeremy: I've had too much to drink, apparently. Apparently I have. I gave him my ID and that's what he said.


Connor (right): Apparently we switched shoes. He said, "I know what you're doing. You're too drunk. You switched shoes! Those shoes are his!"

Dave (middle): He said, "I've got a good memory, man. Shit Timberlands, you've got Timberlands, you guys swapped shoes." I don't know what the fuck he was talking about.

That seems harsh. Did you actually swap shoes?
Connor: We didn't.

Pete with the author.

Pete (left): They said, "You know what? You're not coming in." They didn't give a reason.

What do you think the reason was?

If you had to guess?
Who do you work for?

No seriously, who do you work for?

I'm being serious, I work for VICE. It's a website and magazine.
Well I'm telling VICE magazine, the New South Wales government has got it all wrong. Fuck you.

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