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Watch the Creators Project's Past Webby Award-Winning Documentaries

Check out every episode of the Creators Project's Webby favorite about the artists who collaborated on Daft Punk's latest album.

The Webby Awards began rewarding the gems of the internet in 1997, handing out awards to sites like Entropy8 back when you were still marveling over the Windows Maze House screensaver. We here at VICE have been lucky enough to win a few Webby Awards for our writing and documentaries over the years, and we stare at the shelf full of them here in the office when we're having a particularly shitty day.

In 2016, the Webby Awards will be celebrating their 20th anniversary, and in honor of their big 2-0 we've decided to put together playlists of some of our classic Webby-winning docs.

We've already posted playlists of VICE and VICE News docs, and today you can check out every episode of the Creators Project's documentary, The Collaborators. The Collaborators is about the artists who worked together on Daft Punk's album Random Access Memories, from Pharrell to Nile Rodgers to the synth disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder.

Also, keep an eye out for The Internet Cannot Be Stopped—the Webby Awards' massive project featuring collaborations with VICE, Pitchfork, Google, and other Webby winners.