Check Out These Photos From Our Official EGX Rezzed Afterparty with Joypad


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Check Out These Photos From Our Official EGX Rezzed Afterparty with Joypad

We put on a party. People came. Everything was well in the world. Here's the evidence.

On Saturday April 9th, VICE Gaming teamed up with Joypad to throw the official EGX Rezzed afterparty. Plenty of people came, the entertainment was rad, and everyone went away happy. (With the small exception of the whole #chairgate thing. Yes, we hear you: more chairs next time.)

EGX Rezzed showcased over 140 new indie and triple-A video games across three days at London's Tobacco Dock – look over here for our coverage of the best of what we saw at the show. At the afterparty, Joypad's collection of classic retro games across a range of old-school consoles guaranteed over 1,000 playable titles, while DJ sets from (65daysofstatic's) Paul Wolinski, Morgan Hislop and Fork & Knife kept those who wanted their ears filled with liquid gold more than content. Hell, some people even sort of danced. A bit. Eventually.


We also had four ace new indie games at the party: on the projector above the DJs, Vectagon kept twitch players coming back for more with its merging of Super Hexagon speed and Tron-ish visuals. Stealthy stab 'em up Black and White Bushido took over an alcove, as you do at these things, and Dead Pixels II and Deadbeat Heroes drew admiring glances from all comers.

Here are photos from the event, taken by Jake Lewis. Spot yourself, and win a prize. (The prize is our thanks for coming, thanks!)

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