All I Want for Christmas Is Merch: Beyoncé Has Released a New Line of Festive Garms

You can buy some Christmas tracksuit bottoms for the very reasonable price of $60.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
November 29, 2016, 12:55pm

Not content with creating a clothing empire in the form of her athleisure brand Ivy Park, or her much in-demand Lemonade merch, Beyoncé has added a new clothing line for us to get our sweaty little hands on: Christmas garms, just in time for Christmas gifting season.

Beyoncé is such a master of marketing that she could sell a single old shoe and I would be desperate to buy it, but it's an added bonus that her new items are actually really cool. Sweatpants which say "BOY BYE" on the back? Check. Red and green hoodies featuring the Beyoncé pun "I SLEIGH ALL DAY"? Very much, check. And, if you're a super fan, there's also the Beyoncé branded wrapping paper, which will inevitably be in itself better than anything else you could possibly package in it, available to you for the low and reasonable price of $16. Bucking the trend of completely cringe Christmas-themed clothing, Beyoncé's new garms are typically cool, cute, and tasteful, and they're perfect for the Beyhive member in your life. Check out the new merch here. Follow Lauren on Twitter. (Image via YouTube)