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ABBA Announce Hologram Tour, Are Still Alive, Will Probably Stream from Their Living Room

Because aren't they pretty much the 2Pac of disco?

There's no reason or method to cleverly lead into this so let's just get to it: ABBA are reforming, but as holograms. According to a post on the group's Facebook page that's terrifyingly headlined "DIGITAL ABBA," the group are teaming up with ​American Idol ​creator Simon Fuller to create a tour that utilizes ​what the announcement describes as "hyper-realistic digital humans." Fuller, on some real ​Ex Machina ​shit, has apparently been developing them for years.


It's worth nothing that previous virtual concerts have been for 2Pac and Ol' Dirty Bastard, who are both dead, unlike all four members of ABBA, who are definitely alive. If we're using holograms for impossible disco reunions, where is the Bee Gees experience we deserve? Will ABBA themselves just stream the show from their lavish, presumably tastefully decorated living rooms? We'll find out in 2017 and hopefully not ​get mind-controlled. Here's the most appropriate song for the occasion.

Photo via Facebook.

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