Noah Slee’s Woozy R&B Draws Inspiration From Brisbane and Berlin

The New Zealand born and Berlin based RnB singer and producer, impresses with his latest track of future soul.
October 21, 2016, 12:21am

​Noah Slee​ is the ultimate slashy. When describing his skill set get ready to forward slash. He sings, he raps, he produces and he plays multiple instruments. His latest offering "DGA"'also proves he makes damn good RnB.

The New Zealand-born, Brisbane-raised songwriter who now calls Berlin home, has a forthcoming Otherland mixtape, to be released on Melbourne label Wondercore Island​ (Sampa the Great, Jaala) early in 2017.


With a catchy Tropicana-esque beat and Noah's falsetto, you'd be easily forgiven for thinking that "DGAF" is just a very pretty track. Not so. Like Noah "DGAF" and the mixtape is much more than that and examines religion, identity and sexuality.

Listen below and read a quick chat we had with Noah.

Noisey: The mixtape explores some super personal topics, how difficult is it for you to navigate the heavy stuff in your music?
Noah Slee: A lot of the tunes represent a particular moment. At this point I was mad like wanted to hit somebody, so I wrote some shit about it. I remember we used a ghetto mic that was broken and the first verse is freestyle. I re-recorded the same verse with new lyrics but it never touched the same emotion.

The song no longer takes me to the point where I'm all messed up. But I know a lot people do play you, don't keep their word and continue to take and take. It's a reminder to me of how we treat each other and also for me to keep it real.

Was your upbringing conducive with pursuing music? 
I am one of eight and I'm the third youngest, so I grew up watching all the older ones go through their phases from a lot of West Coast hip-hop, like Nate Dogg, Tupac. My older brothers loved reggae too.  We use to have those bulk five pack CDs. My folks also woke us with 70s funk or 80s love ballads as our alarm. I think all these elements inspired me in small ways to what I like to create now. RnB became super natural.

Are there any particular artists you'd like to model your career after?
I really admire artist that express themselves through side projects and aren't super self indulgent. Thom Yorke's The Eraser was a game changer for me. Also, Daft Punk. They can have a cup of coffee somewhere and not be noticed then play a massive show on the same day. I wouldn't mind a bit of that life. Unfortunately some of my other idols had massive careers but was followed with a lot of struggle and darkness…I don't wish that on anyone.

'Otherland' will be available early 2017 on Wondercore Island.​