Be Manipulated By Madeira’s Dreamy Electronic Pop

The former front-woman of Yumi Zouma, presents pop music that is both dark and dance friendly.
September 8, 2016, 12:00pm

As co-founder and front-woman of Yumi Zouma, Kim Pflaum has never shied from making dreamy pop music for the dance floor. Since moving on from the band, Kim has spent time in Auckland establishing her solo act Madeira. While exploring many of the same influences present in Yumi Zouma's music, her progression as an artist and as a person is obvious.

This progression is portrayed beautifully in her track "Manipulator".

Taken from the upcoming EP Bad Humours, the gloomy disco track is accompanied by a beautifully shot video, that features varying forms of manipulation in contrasting settings - from a tinder conversation gone wrong to a confronting shot of a woman receiving facial surgery.

“This video questions the fine lines between different forms of manipulation, it asks ‘how far is too far?’, explains Pflaum. “I wanted the viewer to feel more and more uncomfortable as the video progressed, to challenge rather than pass judgement on what’s right or wrong."

A greater focus on instrumental production works entirely in Pflaum’s favour, with a funk filled bassline reminiscent of Toro-Y-Moi leading into a chorus pulsating with emotion that goes from a sunny afternoon barbeque to a 4 AM dance floor and back. It's the soundtrack of a kingdom ruled by Jamiroquai and Kate Bush.

'Bad Humors' is available Sep 23 through Carpark Records.