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The Pope Smells Like Pureness, Peace, and Tranquility

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Italian perfumer Silvana Casoli has created scents for Katy Perry and Sarah Jessica Parker, but has just undertaken the somewhat daunting task of creating a personal fragrance for Pope Benedict XVI, which will apparently be inspired by pureness, peace, and tranquility. Unfortunately, we—and the 1.2 billion surefire Catholic customers—will never know what peace and purity smells like, because Benedict is keeping this scent all to himself, the selfish bastard.


Roberto Piqueras is clearly mega-bummed about the fact he has to design clothes for winter. The collection is amazing, but it's probably got the least winter vibe of any FW collection I've ever seen, as the campaign is all hyper-colorful, summery, blissed-out polarized shots, which look kind of how I imagine a photoshoot on the sun to look, if you could stick out the horrifying, violent solar eruptions long enough to take a photo, that is.


I can already tell these PYGMY blinking robot rings are going to go down a storm with fashionable futurists who get off on freaking people out at clubs with all the bizarre interactive shit they're wearing. They'll also probably be pretty handy for said futurists' mid-week, soul-destroying MDMA comedown and the inevitable desperate craving for anything vaguely resembling human interaction.



If you think of boys' fashion, hoodies and backpacks are the first things that come to mind, right? And maybe snapbacks too, but for the purpose of this tidbit, just hoods and bags. Maybe it's because they act as a bit of a security blanket, shutting everything out from every direction but forwards, or maybe it's just because the combination of both seamlessly pulls a simple outfit together? I dunno. Whatever the reason, Hussein Chalayan for Puma's new Urban Mobility backpack covers both bases by attaching the hood to the bag, so you can just throw everything on in one go. For those with a massively higher budget, T. Lipop just brought out a similar design, but made out of leather and involving more technical clothes-making stuff for those of you who like talking about silhouettes and exposed fastenings.


I almost stopped breathing when I realized I could wear the land of the free on my face in the form of these Linda Farrow X Jeremy Scott US map sunglasses. It would be hella cool to walk around with a whole country on your face, but unfortunately the UK is the wrong shape, and if you paint the St. George's flag on your face people might think you're some sort of fascist.

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