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Filibustin' with Willie D - Should You Take Your Guns to Town?

What can keep you safe from a closet psychopath who is armed to the teeth with over 6,000 rounds of ammunition, four guns, and a determination to kill indiscriminately? More guns or more gun control?

What can keep you safe from a closet psychopath who is armed to the teeth with over 6,000 rounds of ammunition, four guns, and a determination to kill indiscriminately? This is the question that people are asking themselves in light of Friday's tragic movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. What is really unnerving about this—beyond the psychos stats, 58 injured and 12 dead—is that Holmes was a college honor student and PHD candidate who, until now, had no criminal record whatsoever.


Each time a mass-shooting happens, inevitably the issue of gun control comes up. Some people want to see all guns outlawed for good, but that probably wouldn't stop a guy like James Holmes, who was hellbent on causing suffering. Others, like the NRA, think that the only way to offset attacks from the lone-wolves with guns is more guns. Since the NRA's existence revolves around guns, what do you expect?

The truth, for me, lies somewhere in the middle. I respect the right of Americans to bear arms and defend themselves, especially in their homes. What I do not respect is people being allowed to own assault rifles and go on the internet and purchase 6,000 of ammunition, like Holmes did. What did the company who sold him that shit think he was going to do with all of that lead, create a new line of silver bullet belts?

We can thank the money behind the gun industry for creating an environment where a guy like Holmes can be armed like Rambo. And it seems like it is almost impossible to do anything about the access psychos have to guns because the Republican House is practically a subsidiary of the NRA—plus they have the Democratic Senate by the balls. Gun lobbyists like the NRA outspend gun control advocates 11 to one and, with over four million members, the NRA has the money and the power to sway elections. It's pretty clear that not playing ball with the gun nuts of this country is tantamount to committing political suicide.


As much as I support the right to pack heat, I do think we need stronger gun control laws. When you’re toting iron and find yourself in a heated dispute, it’s hard to back down or just walk away. I have always been a good fighter, but when I bought my first gun I didn’t hesitate to go for it even if I thought I could knock out my opponent. Why? Because guns make it easier to intimidate, wound, and kill people.

Gun advocates say guns don’t kill people, people do. And I agree. People do kill people… with guns.  Having said that, I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by six. If the bad guy is armed, I want to be armed, too.

Considering both sides have valid points I think a middle ground can be reached with a few of my following brilliant ideas.


Ban the Sale of Ammunition on the Internet
Ammunition must be purchased in person. The buyer must be photographed and fingerprinted so that law enforcement can put a face and name with each bullet.

Pistol-Whip Illegal Gun Dealers
Every time a gun used in a homicide is traced back to an illegal dealer, the family of the deceased will pistol-whip the dealer with the same gun used on their lost relative.

Set a Limit on Guns Per Household
Each household should be limited to a total of two firearms. No assault weapons.

Right to Bear Arms for Ex-Cons
If an ex-con serves their sentence and pays their debt to society, their full citizenship—including the right to bear arms—will be restored.

Implement Mandatory Humanity Courses
The aforementioned steps are obsolete if we don’t get back to family values and strengthen the moral fabric of America. We don’t care about each other anymore. We don’t care about our neighbors or our neighbor’s kids. Until we get back to taking care of each other, no amount of gun control or gun lobbying will save us from our worst enemy—ourselves.

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